Shaved New Potato and Asparagus Pizza with Wild Garlic Pesto


The potato pizza was an addiction of mine back in 2010 with shaved aspapragus and one with anchovies and rosemary. They are completely addictive and even more than a cheese and tomato pizza delicious and filling cold This recipe has to be the ultimate seasonal Spring pizza , new potatoes are just appearing as is asparagus both are still a little expensive but here a little goes a long way


The wild garlic I picked before an emergency visit back to Bristol , luckily Nick quiciky thinkingly processed it with some olive oil , in the fridge this would last a few weeks and is a great addition to pasta and potatos. You may wish to have some extra to dip the crusts in.


Shaved New Potato and Asparagus Pizza with Wild Garlic Pesto

Makes 2 large pizzas

250g of strong plain flour plus extra for dusting
150ml of warm water ( 1/2 just boiled . 1/2 cold)
3 tbsp of olive oil
1tbsp of dried yeast
1/4 tsp of salt

  1. Mix together the dry ingredients ( flour salt and yeast)
  2. Add the oil , then slowly add the warm water.
  3. Mix together to form a dough
  4. Cover with a damp cloth and leave in warm place for  at lease1-2  hours til doubled in size ( but you can leave it all day, so you can make it before work)
  5. When you are reading to use knock back and roll out the dough as fine as possible and place on a baking sheet


150g of small potatoes , raw but sliced wafter thin ( I discovered the best way to finely slice potatoes was using the neglected side of the cheese  grater.)
2 large onions finely sliced
6 spears of asparagus ( shaved using a potato peeler lengthways)
5 tbsp wild garlic pesto (Made by proccessing wild garlic leaves with olive oil should be the consistency of a runny pesto)
Sea Salt and Pepper

  1. Fry the onions in a little oil on a low heat until softened approx 15 minutes
  2. Preheat the oven to 220degC
  3. Toss together the potatoes and onions
  4. Layer on top of the pizza dough
  5. Scatter with the shaved asparagus
  6. Drizzle over the wild garlic pesto
  7. Cook for 15 minutes until the pizza is golden brown and crispy around the edges
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5 Responses to Shaved New Potato and Asparagus Pizza with Wild Garlic Pesto

  1. Yum Yum, I had potato Pizza in Bavaria (close’ish to Italy) with truffle oil on the top it was better than I thought it would be. That reminds me Wild Garlic Pesto to be made on my day off. Also to get some Asparagus. Superb pictures of nice food.

  2. Tor says:

    This looks incredible, I love that it’s vegan by default too. I tried a pesto and asparagus pizza in Copenhagen and I was planning on replicating it, but this looks even better.

  3. bavariansojourn says:

    Just to let you know you are featured over at BritMum’s in this month’s foodie round-up! 🙂

  4. Julie Prentice says:

    Hi Is it one teaspoon or one tablespoon of dried yeast? Looking forward to making the pizzas

  5. Becky says:

    1 tablespoon . Hope the recipes works well for you

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