Salmon cured with beetroot and vodka, with cream cheese on malted toast

Salmon cured in Beetroot and Vodka

Overly luxurious brunch, this is what happens when I am left to my own devices

There was beetroot in the vegebox  .Curing salmon is so easy and this  beetroot and vodka marinade,  gives a beautiful colouring , rich tasting not really alcoholic more smokey. It needs 48 hours to cure properly the fish becoming  firm, and  though purple on the outside the centre will remain lightly pink . It makes a fantastic starter or canape with a really wow factor. First made for Valentines Day 2008 served with horseradish cream

Salmon cured in Beetroot and Vodka

Beetroot and Vodka Marinated Salmon

For each 100g salmon fillet


50g of fresh beetroot
20g  sea salt
20g  brown sugar
1/2 tsp peppercorns, crushed
50 ml  of vodka

  1. Grate the beetroot and mix together with the other ingredients to make the marinade
  2. Pour over the salmon , refridgerate and leave cure for 48hours
  3. The serve discard the marinade and thinly slice the salmon.

For breakfast this was delicious served on homemade granary toast with soft cheese and  sprinkling of dill. I have perfected a delicious dense malty granary loaf that is perfect but bagels or rye bread would also work well.

Homemade Granary Loaf



  1. Gorgeous colour! I cannot eat cured salmon just now (only temporarily), but am bookmarking this recipe for next summer. I love anything with beetroot, you see 🙂

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